Can't See Your Fence Due to Overgrown Brush?

We provide fast fence line clearing

Do you want to install a fence in an area of undergrowth? You don't need to call in an excavation crew to get your land ready for a new fence. Double M Fencing & Mulching, LLC can handle the entire project from start to finish.

We use a mulching head to clear brush, saplings and mid-sized trees in seconds. Some of the mulching services we provide are:

  • Fence line clearing: Clear unwanted plants from your fence line.
  • Fence and overgrowth removal: Remove your fence and brush simultaneously.
  • Fence installation preparation: Clear a path through underbrush to install your fence.
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3 reasons why we use a mulching head

3 reasons why we use a mulching head

Clearing brush isn't a time-consuming, expensive job anymore. The crew at Double M Fencing & Mulching uses a mulching head that:

  1. Clears trees and brush in a single step: Instead of felling, clearing and mulching undergrowth separately, a mulching head does all three instantly.
  2. Doesn't damage your property: No excavating means no churned-up land.
  3. Creates a clear fence line: We can clear a small, precise path for your fence installation.
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